As a body worker I feel that is is my duty to give each person I touch the gift of their body beginning to heal itself. Through deep tissue, reflexology, unwinding, and swedish massage I help your body to reclaim its natural birth right of comfort and strength. Through the delicate dance of Intuitive Touch Realignment, a style of bodywork I have created, I help you to bring balance back into your body.

Massage and Bodywork Offerings

Deep Tissue…Working on the soft and deeper tissues to address pain while helping to loosen up “sticky” places and help the body regain muscular elasticity.

Swedish…a soothing and rebalancing full body massage that utilizes oils, kneading, and long gliding strokes to help alleviate the tensions of the day.

Pregnancy Massage…Soothing physically, mentally, and emotionally, pregnancy massage helps to support the mother and her growing needs as she shifts into preparation for her birth.

Reflexology…Utilizing the stimulation of specific reflex points in the hands and feet to facilitate health and balance within the systems of the body.

Unwinding…Working with the natural spiraling and holding patterns of the body to encourage release that can be both physical and emotional.

Intuitive Touch Realignment…Gentle but firm massage and muscle manipulation to relieve aches and pains brought about from injury or poor body mechanics.

Posture and Alignment…Using walking pattern observation and movement and postural self awareness techniques, based on my 26 years as a professional dancer, to gently improve body alignment and posture and retrain the muscle systems to maintain the proper positions through muscle memory.